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Meet the Kids

“My life could have been so different had only one adult looked me in the eye and told me I was worthy.”
— Nancy, foster care alumna

Meet Nasia!

NasiaNasia loves to watch DVD’s, work on puzzles, and play games like “Go Fish” and Monopoly. There is only one thing she enjoys more than playing and that is helping others! Nasia can always be counted on to lend a hand around the house or help with any task that needs to be completed. She loves spending one-on- one time with adults, as well as playing with younger children.

She is currently a sophomore in high school and loves the routine that school provides, as well as the social aspects. Nasia is DDD and ALTCHS eligible and has a current IEP.

Nasia will do well in many types of families, but having a mother figure is a must! Nasia desires a family that is inclusive and affectionate, while also providing her with the structure and routine she needs to be successful.

For more information about Nasia, please contact Brianna Rossi at (602) 930-4601 or via e-mail at